Corporate accounts software

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Corporate accounts software

There are many corporate accounts software out there and it is only natural that using them brings innumerable benefits. With the development of technology, we get many programs that help in getting things done in an easier way than before,

especially in corporate accounting and controlling company documents in an easier way, so all companies without exception need IES ERP professional accounting software that works better, achieves goals and increases profits .

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Corporate accounting software

When you want a unique accounting software to complete your company’s transactions, IES ERP will be your safe haven as it is one of the most popular accounting software and currently one of the best selling software. T

his is because it meets all the needs of companies of all kinds, whether commercial, industrial or service, including medium and large, among many other features, it falls into the following categories:

Technical features

The program has many technical features that make it the best accounting program, which we review from the following points:

It uses the best approach of modern technology in the grid system and allows you to monitor your company accounts from anywhere without using a specific device or location.

It is characterized by the confidentiality and security of the shared database. Perform regular database backups to ensure data integrity.

The possibility of optimizing the investment in the company’s resources through equipment, networks and high-speed data processing.

Professionally designed screens ensure easy access to information.

Download the free trial version of the IES ERP smart accounting system


 General features

The characteristics of IES ERP depend not only on the technical characteristics, but also on many general characteristics that you can have, and these characteristics are based on the following points:

The program supports multiple currencies and the ability to convert between them.

Provide the opportunity to retrieve data.

Allows multiple users and the ability to define the rights of each user.

Define products with an unlimited number of units of measure.

Automated or manual support for employee payroll, time and leave systems.

Introduction to all Egyptian tax laws and insurance business.

Take a quick look at the fiscal year and finish it off with ease.


Criteria for choosing the best accounting software In the context of discussing knowledge of corporate accounting software, we discussed how to choose the best software for your company, which can only be done after following some of the following criteria:

 The principle of utility

The principle of utility is one of the most important principles that must be followed in choosing a good accounting software, and it implies that the benefits resulting from using an accounting software must be equal to the cost.

This means that nothing will go wrong with the software. Besides choosing a software whose features are commensurate with its price, users may also risk data loss due to lack of auto-save.

The principle of compatibility and appropriateness

It is required that the design of the chosen accounting software be compatible with the nature and activities of your organization and the human element in it,

as you should not buy software for the activities of another organization because it is cheaper, for example, or claim that it allows the ease of carrying out your activities.

Since each program is designed for a specific activity, taking into account the distinctive characteristics of the activity, it is not recommended to choose a commercial program for construction companies, as their activities vary greatly.

The principle of supervision and control

Program experts recommend that any accounting software you choose must include a system of internal controls that help you protect your company’s assets and ensure the validity of data within them, which requires defining the program’s responsibilities and powers.

The principle of flexibility

When choosing an accounting software suitable for your company, it must have the principle of flexibility that allows it to keep abreast of all developments that may occur in the growth of the organization,

any changes in laws related to accounting, taxes, laws, or any additions to the program.

Download the free trial version of the IES ERP smart accounting system


The importance of ERP accounts software for companies

When we talk about accounting procedures in companies, it is worth mentioning their importance because companies adopt them because of the benefits they reap from using them, and the benefits are divided into two main parts:

Benefits for companies

Companies can reap many benefits from using any accounting software, and these benefits include:

Accounting software provides many reports and details in simple time frames that accountants may not be able to extract in the same time frame.

Save Work Time Entering data into off-the-shelf accounting software can save a lot of time and reduce effort involved in designing Excel files and data entry files. It creates some stability in terms of managing accounts so that the work of the organization is not affected in the event of any person being absent or leaving his work, as the use of the program limits any problems that can occur


Its benefits for accountants

Accountants can also reap many benefits from using accounting software, as follows:

Save time saving different files to do most of the work with the program.

Issuing and printing reports quickly.

In the event that accountants carry out transactions, the transactions can be linked together at once, affecting all accounts linked to them.

Save time spent on controls and reviews.

Using the software produces more accurate proprietary reports than any other method.

Benefits of using accounting software on your computer In reference to the company’s accounting software,

we mentioned the benefits of using it on your computer, which are as follows:

Avoid errors caused by manual notation.

Ease of handling.

Businesses do not need much space to keep paper documents.

Get any information you need in seconds, such as access to product or customer balances, average costs, selling prices, and margins.

Inventory of all items in all stores at all times.

Alerts about important information, such as when supplies last or Check due date.

Conducting an inventory of data during certain periods.

Absolute accuracy of all data and calculations.

What is corporate accounting

With familiarity with corporate accounting procedures, we must teach you what corporate accounting is to illustrate the picture. This type of accounting expresses the process responsible for understanding the company’s profits and losses and understanding the costs and revenues incurred during the financial period.

This process, in turn, helps in the distribution of the percentage of profits and losses among the partners,

and it is the only process that allows distribution according to the nature of the company and the number of shareholders and partners.



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