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Petra company specializing in the fields of programming, focusing on web development service, desktop application, office applications, e-commerce, institutions Systems, SMS services, web hosting service and Programming consulting. and our services Varies according to the customer and which take into consideration the needs of public and private work.   Read more
Which fields could get the benefits of IES?
How could I change my current system to IES with saving my current accounts?
Is it available at IES to specify user’s permissions?
Is it available to know the current users who use the system?
Is it available to export data with different file types?
To which time long could IES working well?
Is IES secure my data instead of it existing over internet?
How IES deals with multi-stores organizations?
Is it available to add any number of products to sales or purchase invoices?
How could IES dealing with different currencies?
How could IES dealing with different units?
Is it available to stocktaking?
Is IES support integrated financial system?
Is it available to know the details of the transactions that have been carried out?
How it is dynamic to work with different prices?
Is it supported to bank reconciliation of account?
How IES deals with different tax systems?
Is it possible that the program reminds me of the end of the items from the store?
What is invoice types that supported by IES?

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Tensons Home
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